About antiSMASH#

antiSMASH allows the rapid genome-wide identification, annotation and analysis of secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters in bacterial and fungal genomes. It integrates and cross-links with a large number of in silico secondary metabolite analysis tools that have been published earlier.

antiSMASH is powered by several open source tools: NCBI BLAST+, HMMer 3, Muscle 3, Glimmer 3, FastTree, TreeGraph 2, Indigo-depict, PySVG and JQuery SVG.

antiSMASH contributors#

antiSMASH is an international collaboration project, which was initially started by the labs of Wolfgang Wohlleben (University Tübignen) and Eriko Takano and Rainer Breitling (University Groningen/Manchester). Currently, the project is coordinated by Marnix Medema (University of Wageningen) and Tilmann Weber/Kai Blin (Technical University of Denmark) with numerous collaborators all over the world.

List of contributors

  • Kai Blin
  • Robert Bruccoleri
  • Zach Charlop-Powers
  • Marc Chevrette
  • Emzo de los Santos
  • Srikanth Duddela
  • Nikos Ignatiadis
  • Satria Kautsar
  • Hyun Uk Kim
  • Xiaowen Lu
  • Marnix Medema
  • Simon Shaw
  • Katherina Steinke
  • Hache Suarez
  • Rasmus Villebro
  • Tilmann Weber
  • Thomas Wolf

How to cite#

If you have found antiSMASH useful, please cite:

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Further reading#

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