About antiSMASH

antiSMASH allows the rapid genome-wide identification, annotation and analysis of secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters in bacterial and fungal genomes. It integrates and cross-links with a large number of in silico secondary metabolite analysis tools that have been published earlier.

antiSMASH is powered by several open source tools: NCBI BLAST+, HMMer 3, Muscle 3, Glimmer 3, FastTree, TreeGraph 2, Indigo-depict, PySVG and JQuery SVG.

antiSMASH contributors

antiSMASH is an international collaboration project, which was initially started by the labs of Wolfgang Wohlleben (University Tübignen) and Eriko Takano and Rainer Breitling (University Groningen/Manchester). Currently, the project is coordinated by Marnix Medema (University of Wageningen) and Tilmann Weber/Kai Blin (Technical University of Denmark) with numerous collaborators all over the world.

List of contributors

How to cite

If you have found antiSMASH useful, please cite:

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Further reading

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