New features#


NRPS/PKS visualisation

A new modular domain visualistion has been added for NRPS/PKS modules. Unlike the existing NRPS/PKS domain view, this particular visualisation ignores domain length information and instead focuses on domain layout and full module ordering based on any available docking domain analysis and cross-CDS modules.

TIGRfam domain visualisation

TIGRfam domains within CDS features are now shown in a similar fashion to the existing Pfam and NRPS/PKS domains.



  • Thiocysteine lyase and carnatine-AT domains have been added to NRPS/PKS domain detection
  • NRPS/PKS module definitions have been altered to include more domains within modules and not create modules with only one domain
  • ClusterCompare MIBiG comparison database has been updated to account for new domains and module definitions
  • Pfam database was updated to 34.0, along with matching GO terms


  • Pfam and Tigrfam hits in the CDS detail panel are now collapsed by default
  • Pfam (along with the new Tigrfam) domain visualisation tab can now be expanded to show all domain names

Fixes and small changes#

Input handling:

  • splice-variants of genes with the same identifier are now accepted if the locations are unique


  • fixed product colouring of HTML buttons

Numerous other small changes and fixes were made internally, for a full list see the git shortlog.