New features#



The antiSMASH-DB updated to version 3 and changed the URLs for going to regions. Handling this required a change in data format for the clusterblast database.



  • added detection rules for lanthidine clusters
  • improved detection of thioamide-NRP clusters
  • updated default PFAM database to 32.0, with matching GO term update
  • updated clusterblast database to antiSMASH-DB version 3

Input handling:

  • added a command line option to preserve long record identifiers (--allow-long-headers)


  • PKS candidate clusters without colinear gene ordering now record and show the predicted order
  • add a command line option setting the HTML view to compact mode by default (--html-start-compact)

Fixes and small changes#


  • the SMART PKS_PP domain now also detected as ACP
  • PKS modules without a condensation domain are now considered complete if they are the first module in the CDS
  • fix and issue causing some transAT-PKS clusters to be missed
  • detailed analysis of Type II PKS has been limited to only those CDS features fully contained by the protocluster
  • fixed clusterfinder adding duplicates of its own results

Input handling:

  • included record identifier of the first invalid sequence type detected
  • fixed an issue when reusing results from thipeptides when extra ORFs were detected


  • fixed an issue with locations in genbank qualifiers not properly adjusting for region genbank outputs

Numerous other small changes and fixes were made internally, for a full list see the git shortlog.